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[Werbung / Ad] NYC based brand Jeantrix is one of a kind. We discovered the colorful pieces during our trip to New York in May and we fell in love with them right away. The founders found a way to bring the arts of the streets onto the runway like no other brand before them. 

Of course we couldn't resist buying a lot of that unisex and super special fashion that changes the perception on customization and manufacturing. To let you know more about their philosophy and why Jeantrix should be THE brand for you to watch out we sent them a couple of questions to introduce themselves to you. Here’s what they answered us:

1. Who's behind the brand?

Deric Crawley and Muhammad AB are the co-owners/artists that created Jeantrix. We also have a rotating team of interns who handle a lot of day to day things when we become too busy to handle something alone.  You can view our full bio on our website.

2. What's your philosophy?

Our biggest message is for artists and anyone who has an entrepreneurial spirit to "Follow Your Fucking Dreams!" Don't let anyone stop you or discourage you from accomplishing something that you feel strongly about. Visualize your goals and create whatever it is that you want to see in this world. The main reason why we do what we do, not only because it is our passion, but also because we want to inspire the next generation of artists to follow their passions, no matter what it is and no matter how crazy it may seem, #FollowYourFuckingDreams!

3. Who is your target group? 

For the most part, our biggest supporters have been young adults aged 20 - 40, however our audience is growing daily and now includes young children, teenagers, senior citizens and everything in between. Anyone who enjoys art and clothing, this is for you!

4. What is the difference between other brands and yours?

Our brand is very personalized and tailored to our audience. Most of our clients have gotten items customized personally by us, which makes the experience even more special to them. Our brand strives to give our supporters the best possible experience that we can, visually and professionally. You can't go into a large department store and get your clothing hand painted, but you can when you come to Jeantrix!

5. What's the biggest goal you want to reach with your brand?

The biggest goal that we currently have, besides becoming a household name, is to create more opportunities for other artists out there that are struggling to find funding . We want to create an organization that helps artists get funding for the projects that they are serious about.  With this organization, we will also mentor artists and show them how to navigate through the art industry. Inspiring the next generation and giving back to those who are less fortunate than you is what life is all about. 

Head over to their Instagram account or their website to find out more and to shop some of their artful collection for yourself. Be quick! The boys just presented on the New York fashion week and the hype is growing fast!

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