TOO GOOD TO GO - how an app can make a change

By janpaaul - 12:00

[Werbung unbezahlt / Advertisement unpaid] This month we want to introduce a very special app for your phone to you. It’s called TOO GOOD TO GO and its only purpose is to save. Save money, and even more important: save foods. Using this app you can find local traders like bakeries, grocery stores and many others that offer foods and products close to their expiration date. 

These foods are often offered as packages for a fraction of the original prices. It’s sometimes almost ridiculously cheap. But why buy those products when they’re so close to being inedible? Easy. None of the products are over due. The traders check everything very carefully and you don’t have to be afraid at all. It’s rather the contrary. You do something really good while saving money at the same time.

Try to find TOO GOOD TO GO in your App Store and check out if there are already some local traders in your area taking part in this awesome idea of more sustainability. Considering the numberless tons of foods that are thrown away every day, this little helper can make a substantial change. For you and the traders. The app is super easy to use. You’ll see a list of offers which you can pick and reserve right away. Traders always announce info on the packages offered, the prices and the best time to pick up your package. 

We use TOO GOOD TO GO for a little while in Berlin now and we are really totally amazed by this idea! Give yourself a try and be part of a small change of habits to more sustainability and responsibility for the resources we use and need.

Picture source: Screenshots via official app. 

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