SOLIDARITY - why DIVERSITY doesn’t work without it

By janpaaul - 12:00

Christchurch, New Zealand. A bit more than a week has passed since the horror turned his face onto this peaceful little island on the other side of the world. An act of pure terrorism hit the capital and took the lives of too many innocent people. 

It’s not necessary to say how wrong this act was. It’s not even necessary to name the offender. But we have to talk about what happened after this unbelievably mass shooting in the name of something we simply don’t understand. The whole world was in shock and does still seem to be striving to find a way to go on after all this.

This is about the solidarity, with which the people and government of New Zealand showed the world how we can, how we should deal with such tragic events. It’s about how and why we all need to learn from this to make a substantial change. Looking on the worldwide reactions after the shooting we all saw an almost common catalogue of sympathy proceeded by the governments and religious leaders. But one single person and the population of one single totally stood outside of this. Leaving all the other contributions and commitments behind: 

Her name is Jacinda Ardern and it is her and the people of New Zealand that taught us a lesson in solidarity. The prime minister acted exemplary and her people followed her without any signs of hesitation. She and the people presented a new level of solidarity with the families and survivors of the horrible attack. Instead of naming the offender, all words were addressed to the survivors and their families. They were addressed to the Islamic community all over the world. Spreading a message of understanding and empathy without acting implausible. 

It was not about talking it down and going over to the normal Modus operandi. It was about facing the changes this attack has in consequence. And it was about the chances for the people of New Zealand and the whole world to make us all recognize that we all have to stand together despite of any differences. This is diversity how we also wish to see it on the world. This is an example for how we all can overcome our doubts, prejudices and feelings of exclusion, loneliness and egoism. 

True diversity will only work when we all learn how to solidarise with each other. When we learn to open our minds up for the greater picture in everything. It’s not about a change of thinking. But about a change of acceptance and tolerance. We don’t need to see and think in the one and overall way. We only need to learn that differences can only divide us when we let them have the powers to do it.

Solidarity is the key to a better understanding for everyone of us. And the quicker we learn how to practice this, the faster can we change the face of the world. The faster will we all experience diversity in the purest meaning of the term. 

We believe that this is the only way to turn this horror in something good for the all of us.

Picture via by Jorge Silva

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