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[Werbung / Ad] Thoas is one fascinating example of a human being. His attitude is flawless and to us he appeared a bit like an elve. He’s like a levitating personification of what is really important in life.

His message is easy to spell and even easier to understand: LOVE AND MAGIC. And this is exactly what he transports into his fashion Label THE TRIBE. Every piece he creates is like a smart reminder for the wearer. Bright and clean letterings cover his creations. Surrounded and underlined by hand-stitched embroideries, his fashion is at the same time to be named as basic and extraordinary.

If you visit Thoas in his art- and playfully decorated atelier you will quickly understand what drives him. Looking back onto a long-lasting career in the fashion industry including all the ups and downs you could ever imagine, his actual brand merges all these experiences into a new standing. His influences are various. His ideas and creativity seems endlessly and he’s smart enough to recognize that the best selling pieces of a collection are never the most special ones, but the ones that are too simple and expressive to resist.

No wonders, his unisex collections offers a broad range of wonderful basic shirts, hoodies, caps and also dresses and jackets that he uses as canvas for his perception of things. Our most favorite slogan of THE TRIBE is “MAKE LOVE GREAT AGAIN”. It’s the pure opposition of what a not-necessarily-to-be-named president made to the main message of his election campaign. 

This is also what describes Thoas best. He is a loving and lovable human being on a mission to change the face of the world. His streetwear creations are the perfect tool to show this off and are a pure enrichment to the lettering maniacs of the luxury brands that try to cope these street-rooted developments into their own creations. But know, Thoas is in advance, because his messages are more than just a name, a logo or a too self-confidential state of mind. They are an invitation to take part in his vision of a world full of love and magic.

Besides running his brand he’s also the organizer of the Designer Sale market that takes place in Berlin. A collective founded to present local and international small designers a platform to sell their stuff in a friendly and supportive surrounding. We’re huge fans of these sales and discover the majority of the brands we work with in happenings like that. 

The next Sale market is just ahead and will take place in April. So, if you’re in Berlin at this time, give it a try and get to feel the special atmosphere and vibe that Thoas creates there. If you want to know more about THE TRIBE check out his Instagram and online shop and become a member of THE TRIBE too.

Find out more about the accessories here.

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