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We wanna take the next step in our STREET SPIRITS and go beyond of what the people we show you wear. It's time to give them a bit more space to make visible what we think is inspiring about them.

Starting this off is nobody else but MATEO. He's Berlinian and member of the internationally famous band CULCHA CANDELA. Besides that he drives his solo career, owns a fashion brand called SÜPAIRFRESH and runs a blog for foodies called MONSTA MUNCHIES

We met up with him for a coffee a couple of days ago and had a great chat on various topics. We can only recommend you to give him a follow on his Instagram and to check his stories regularly, because he is anything but shy when it comes to speak out what he's got on his mind. He calls himself a feminist, acts against racism and homophobia, using his reach and influence to point his finger to where we all should have a look at. 

His very differentiated opinions on actual political topics and scoietal changes in germany and the world are worth the listening . And when he talks about the music industry and its many traps and slide downs for upcoming female artists you get to feel his self-imposed responsibility for the start of a change in that.

We're more than glad to have met you and already look forward to the next time we can sit down for a coffee. And a chat of course.

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